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Jun. 12th, 2007

tonight we went to see KNOCKED UP! it was totally funny...the first rated R movie I snuck into ever...it was def. rated R for a reason...lots of nudity, drug refrences, and they drop the "F" bomb like 500 million times...but it was pretty good...there isnt much else going on here i pretty much settled the whole kamarie issue...and the pool should be done soon...and i leave on Wednesday for officer camp...then come back Saturday...be home thru Sunday...we leave on Monday for S. Padre...FUN!!!!!...and then i come home for 1 & 1/2 weeks until I go to Mo Ranch for 7 days thru the 4th of July :)...but i have to go to bed now b/c im waking up in less than 7 hours for VBS!!!!
Dude i am so fuckin pissed...i e-mailed kamarie last night and i was being nice saying sorry i was acting like a bitch and stuff...and she e-mails me back threatining me saying if i ever messed w/ will again that i would pay and she wouldnt hesitate to kick my ass and all this other gay shit....i e-mailed her back being nice and saying that she didnt have to worry b/c i never plan on messing w/ him again anyway but i still dont understand why she has to be such a bitch about it all...i really dont get her or any of them to be perfectly honest w/ you...but w/e i really dont care anymore...

but so last night we were on CR133 driving around a curve at like 80 mph when we see a white cow so we immediately call the SD and report it...so they tell us to follow it...and we did for 30 minutes by this time that cow had gone and picked up its baby...oh i forgot to mention that she was about to pop b/c she was so preggers...then when the Sherrif got there we left and went driving around...then we came back that way...and the damn things were out again so we waited for the SO again...and this time we stayed till we found a place for them to stay for the night...and it was 2 hours later when i finally got home...it was kinda funny


Ok so i haven't been on in a while...school is finally out and graduation is tonight...I don't want them to leave...'07 was so much better than '06...I will admit they had their jerks but what class doesn't...I really will miss Keith and Cameron and Jesse and well basically all of them...and now i just found out that i won't be able to go to graduation because it is raining and they are havin it in the gym which is retarded but what ever...Me and Will broke up and i think he is with the girl that i thought he was with b/c he gave me and Alison's mom evil looks at the band concert not to mention she was all over him...but apparently they are convinced i want him back +o( NASTY!!!!!...they started digging our pool on Tuesday...and hit 5 pipes and lines (3 unexpected sewer, 1 water, and 1 electric line) so my dad is pretty pissed but what can you do...



At first I was pretty sure I was totally over him but now I miss him.  He told me he still wanted to be my friend and that "I mean the world to him" but obviously he lost his world b/c he hardly acknowledges me anymore.  Except for on MSN Messenger and that is what I find the most annoying...he acts all sweet and lovey on there but in person he acts as if he barley knows me much less that we spent every day together for 5 stinkin' months.  Obviously what he meant by friends isn't actual "friends" but more like acquaintances...which I don't understand how you can go from "loving" someone to ignoring them within one day???? especially if they "mean the world" to you?!?!?!  I also don't really know how I went from being totally ready to move on back to about to tell him how much he hurt me in about 5 hours...maybe because when we went to the mall he was apparently there and I didn't know until Dustin told me and then I realized "wow I spent my whole weekend with Dustin and Alison & at Spring Show and didn't talk to him once" then BOOM here comes the freight train all like DERRRRRRRRR-DERRRRRRRRRR and now I'm really depressed and sad...I keep reading the MSN convo like that will lead me to some answers which I know it won't so I don't know why I keep doing it.


ok so if anybody out there has happened to find me can someone help??? I'm completely new here and have no idea what to do so i could use tips, comments, advice, etc...


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